Loft Stairs

Access your loft with loft staircases in Lewes

Whilst a ladder can save space, Albion Lofts always recommend professionally fitted loft staircases. Not only are they safer, but they can be built in a way that matches your existing decor. 

Make your loft feel part of the home

Traditional style loft staircases are a great way to make a loft conversion feel more like a part of your home, rather than a bolted-on extra. Our staircases are made to order, and are unique to your home. We take floor-to-floor measurements once the main beams and trimmers are in place, and can have your new staircase ready in as little as a week, hand-made by our specialist staircase makers. 
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The final touch

The staircase is usually the final (and noisiest!) part of the loft conversion, and we recommend that you take a day off whilst we complete the finishing touches. 

Hand-made staircases are a great way to blend your existing home design with your new living space, and once complete, they'll look like they've always been a part of your home. If you are tight on space, we also offer space-saver staircases.

As well as loft staircases, we'll also take care of windows. Contact our team in Lewes today for a free initial survey. 
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